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Rosemary Beach Businesses

Rosemary Beach is a unique community. Find out about the businesses in town, along with how to become a business owner here!

Businesses in the Rosemary Beach Community

Located between Panama City and Destin, this neo-traditional town is a master-planned community that looks like a slice of paradise in Northwest Florida. Its 107 acres are designed to bring back the ideals of community, neighborhood, and convenience for both residents and visitors alike. You are never more than a five minute walk from anything in town.

Rosemary Beach is very similar to Seaside, FL, however there are more home-owners in Rosemary Beach, making it great for businesses.  The town center features shops, restaurants, and other activities for locals and tourists. The beachfront offers the gorgeous white sands typical of the Emerald Coast.

Because of the unique nature of Rosemary Beach, owning a business here may seem confusing. Let’s explore the businesses in Rosemary Beach, along with resources for owning your own business here.

Rosemary Beach Businesses

The Rosemary Beach website lists local merchants ranging from shopping, dining, and professional services. While Rosemary Beach isn’t the largest community in the area, it does offer a variety of different businesses that cater to the needs of locals and visitors. Shopping is focused on the beach lifestyle with beachwear, bicycles, surfing, and books. There are also boutiques offering clothing for adults and children, along with home interiors and art galleries. Restaurants range from casual coffee shops to high end sushi, and also offer some distinctive choices like tapas or gourmet hot dogs!

Owning a Business in Rosemary Beach

Due to the unique nature of the Rosemary Beach community, you can’t exactly just start a new business here. However, there may be opportunities to purchase existing businesses here. To find business listings in Rosemary Beach, you’ll need to contact the Emerald Coast Business Brokers. Their trusted advisors know the ins and outs of purchasing businesses in Rosemary Beach, so they can help you identify possible Rosemary Beach businesses for sale, and work with you throughout the entire acquisition process. If you’re interesting in owning a business in this idyllic community, contact Emerald Beach Business Brokers to confidentially begin your search today.


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