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Do you want to sell your boring business?

We love boring businesses, you know, the companies that are under the radar, with no fancy marketing campaigns, quietly providing the economy with what we all need and use.  These high-quality companies have capable and loyal employees who put in countless hours and deliver value.  Their work results in happy clients and strong financial statements.  These businesses churn out products and services, while unexciting, generate solid cash flow and are critical to our infrastructure and overall economy.

The global economy has seen recessions, wars, and things that have rumbled our confidence, but locally these companies continue to do what they do best: operate well run business with goods and services that are in demand each and every year.

If you have owned a business that has found its market fit, is profitable, and continues to show sustainable growth, we want to talk to you. If your company treats its employees with care, has a core competency and maintains a low level of debt, we very likely have a qualified buyer who is interested and just doesn’t know it yet.

Boring businesses make money.  And for every rock star start-up, there are thousands of established businesses working for a really great living.  If you have a boring business to sell, let us match you to a buyer who is ready to continue its legacy of a leader who is responsible, thoughtful, insightful, and disciplined – because that’s what it took to be a successful boring business that has thrived for decades.

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