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Destin Beach Weddings

Planning a Destin beach wedding? Check out this post for resources and information.

Planning a Destin Beach Wedding

The beautiful beaches of Destin make a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding. Whether you’re fantasizing of an amazing destination wedding or a small, intimate ceremony, Destin is full of business that want to help you plan your Destin beach wedding. With emerald waters, white-sand beaches and visitor-friendly atmosphere, this coastal city is perfect for your special day. You can have your wedding, reception, and even your honeymoon in Destin!

What type of wedding do you want?

When it comes to weddings in Destin, the options are endless. You can throw a formal affair in a ballroom, have a church ceremony, or enjoy a beachfront service under a canopy. Do you want ten people there or two hundred? A beachside bonfire for your reception or a gourmet seafood meal? No matter your tastes or desires, you can create the perfect day here in Destin.

How much work do you want to do?

If your ideal beach wedding is one where you show up and get married, but are not involved in any of the planning, all-inclusive wedding planners are available that will cover all of the details. Or, if you prefer a little more involvement in the planning, you can find vendors for everything you need, like ceremony venues, reception venues, caterers, bakeries, photographers, DJs, florists and more. Some planners to consider are:

Beyond Details of Destin
Serene Occasions
Ocean Breeze Weddingz
The Destin Wedding Company
Island Sands Beach Weddings
Elegant Beginnings
Forever I Do Weddings & Events
Princess Wedding Co.

How do I get a marriage license in Destin?

In Florida, marriage licenses are issued by a county court judge or clerk of the circuit court. You can apply for the license at any county clerk’s office and you can get married in any county regardless of the county you obtained your license. There is no residency or citizenship requirement to apply for a marriage license in Florida.

To get your marriage license, both the prospective bride and groom need to visit the circuit court office in person with picture IDs (driver’s license, state ID card, valid passport), and Social Security numbers; a blood test is no longer required. In most counties you can save time by completing the marriage application online. The cost for a marriage license is $93.50, but that fee can be reduced by up to $32.50 if you complete a licensed Florida pre-marital course. The pre-marital course does not apply to non-Florida residents.

Once issued, your marriage license is valid for 60 days, but, if you have not completed the approved pre-marital course there is a 3-day waiting period before you can get married (again, this does not apply to non-Florida residents). Once the ceremony is performed the license should be returned to the County Marriage License Bureau.

Where can I hold my beachfront wedding in Destin?

While all Destin beaches would make beautiful backdrops for your wedding, some may require permissions or fees for your event. Your wedding planner can help you find the perfect location for your dream wedding!

I want a big wedding. What venues can accommodate that?

There are actually numerous areas around Destin that can handle groups over 50, but be aware that a group that size requires a special permit and a fee to Okaloosa County. If you plan on having over 100 guests, security must be provided.

Where do I start?

If you’ve been to a Destin beach wedding before, talk to your friends for recommendations. There are so many wedding planners and wedding vendors in the area, it can be overwhelming. However, if you’re starting from scratch, check out the listings on Wedding Wire to get connected to a wedding planner.

Many of our business owners are involved in the wedding industry, from hotels to restaurants and even hair salons. Destin has many businesses and professionals who can help make your wedding day perfect.

Congratulations on your engagement and good luck wedding planning!


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