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Answers to Key Questions in Business Sale Negotiations

Professional business intermediaries and business brokers have the experience and ability to help negotiate the sale of a business with both the seller and the buyer. In Deal Studio’s article, “Questions to Ask When Negotiating a Deal”, the author discusses 3 key questions that come up in the sale process.

Can You Bring In a Professional? A business intermediary or business broker can keep a neutral perspective and is able to see things from both sides of the negotiations. The intermediary understands all the parts of the deal that need to be resolved and completed for the deal to be finalized.

Can the Buyer and Seller Better Understand One Another? A business intermediary’s objective is for both the seller and the buyer to understand one another. Many times both sides may want certain conditions sought other than financial numbers on a paper. This could be concern about employees’ futures, or the business’ reputation & history vs. future plans to name a few.

Can Both Parties Split the Difference? Sometimes a buyer and a seller cannot come together on a deal number. One plan used in negotiation is to have them split the difference. This can work to show good will and that the parties are flexible and are willing to keep discussions open.


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