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A Snapshot of Freeport, FL

A Snapshot of Freeport, FL

Freeport, FL has successfully managed a dramatic boom in growth while still retaining a unique small-town character. Many people realize Freeport is only 15 minutes from the Gulf, and that the area has a lot of special waterways to enjoy. Freeport has grown from @1800 residents in 2010 to over 12,700 by the end of 2023. There are also over 14,000 people who live in the city’s utilities service area. It is the fastest-growing city (percentage-wise) in Florida.

Mayor Russ Barley believes in the area and the services provided have grown since he has returned to the area. He is a full-time mayor and is a small business owner. The Planning Department has grown from 1 person to 7 people when he came in as mayor. A new 4,000 SF community center is being built. Infrastructure is expanding as well housing. New businesses continue to move in including hotels. Young people as well as retirees are seeking the benefits of the area!

For more information: https://www.850businessmagazine.com/leaps-and-bounds/

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