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Business Owner, Should You Keep or Sell Your Business?

Business Brokerage Press highlighted a Forbes article titled, “Should I Keep or Sell My Business?” by Bruce Werner. Werner points out that the decision to sell your private company is not like buying or selling a stock. Most business owners may only sell one business in their lifetime. Werner suggests the following key items to evaluate your decision whether to “Keep” or “Sell”.

  1. Financial Security – Does the deal offer permanent financial security?
  2. Industry Trends – Are the industry trends favorable? (Or unfavorable with a decline, new competition or technological disruptions?)
  3. Business Growth -How much can you grow your business? (Is it more profitable than other investments?)
  4. Capital and Talent Requirements – How much capital and talent are needed to achieve the growth goals?
  5. Workload – How long and hard do you want to work? (What health or personal issues are involved?)
  6. Personal/Professional Goals – Do you have other personal or professional goals you wish to achieve?
  7. Risk Tolerance – How much risk should you take?
  8. External Factors – What externalities could hurt the business? (technological and regulatory changes, weather or foreign competition)
  9. Ownership Group Dynamics – Are there issues within your group ownership? (partners, investors, family members)

For more information read Mr. Werner’s article:


Or the recap from Business Brokerage Press: https://businessbrokeragepress.com/2023/12/around-the-web-a-week-in-summary-292/