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Benefits of Using a Business Intermediary

Jay Offerdahl of Viking Mergers and Acquisitions brings up a valid point when he recommends that business owners enlist the services of an experienced business intermediary. “Most people wouldn’t try to sell their house without a real estate agent, file a tax return without the guidance of a CPA, invest without a financial advisor or go to court without a lawyer, so why go about selling your greatest asset yourself?”
An experienced business intermediary will bring you, the seller, the following benefits:
• Confidentiality
• Allows Seller to Concentrate on Running the Business
• Large Network of Qualified Buyers
• Marketing
• Valuation
• Experience
• Negotiation
• Motivation to Close the Deal
• Resources: CPAs, attorneys and lenders
• Assist buyers in obtaining financing
Business owners that sell their businesses on their own often deal with breached confidentiality, wasted time with buyers, poor marketing and an undervalued and poorly structured sale.
The business intermediaries at Emerald Coast Business Intermediaries have over 30 years combined business intermediary experience along with years of financial and marketing experience. Let us save you time and energy when you are ready to sell your business.