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How to Buy a Business In Florida

Looking to purchase a Florida business? Find out who to contact and what steps are involved.

Buying a Florida Business

Each year, the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Economic Competitiveness does a regional and national study of economic growth. In 2013, they forecasted Florida economic growth for 2014-2017. In that forecast, they predict that retail sales will grow at a pace of 4.2% during 2014-2017, and that the labor force will grow 1.5% annually. Both of these predictions make Florida a prime spot to buy a business. Florida is primed for growth in the coming years. So how do you buy a business in Florida? Don’t go it alone. Contact the Emerald Coast Business Brokers. Here’s how it works.

How to Buy a Business in Florida with Emerald Coast Business Brokers

The experts on the Emerald Coast team are not only business advisors, but we’re local experts. When it comes to Florida businesses, we know the local market. It can be nearly impossible to purchase a business alone—the process is complex without the help of someone who’s been there before. Emerald Coast Business Brokers will be advisors and collaborators with you throughout the whole process.

Prescreening Businesses for Sale. For starters, we begin working before you ever call. We prescreen businesses to help make certain they are good investments for the buyer.

When you’re ready to purchase a business in Florida, you can browse our listings. We offer businesses for sale throughout Florida, specifically in popular destinations like Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Pensacola.

Matching You with a Business. The Emerald Coast Team is unique compared to other brokers. Sure, you can look through pages of businesses for sale, but our expertise comes in matching your interests, skills, and goals with businesses for sale. If you’re looking for the perfect business venture, contact us today!

Research and Negotiations. The Emerald Coast team will help ensure you have all of the paperwork and information you need to evaluate the business for sale. And we’ll negotiate with the seller on your behalf .

Closing the Sale. Before closing, we’ll work with your lenders, attorneys, insurance companies and other interested parties to create paperwork and documents to close the business sale. We’ll make sure the deal meets all Florida legal requirements as well.

Training. After the sale, we’ll arrange for the seller to work with you for any training necessary. You’ll work together to create a post-acquisition plan to set you up for success in your new company.

Buy a Florida Business with the Help of the Experts

If this process seems easy, it’s because Emerald Coast Business Brokers makes buying a Florida business simple. We are experts in both large and small business purchases, and can walk alongside you through the process. Contact us to learn more about how to buy a Florida business and find the perfect business for you. Let’s set up a confidential consultation today!

Florida Businesses for Sale

Find out what types of businesses are for sale in Florida, along with information about how to buy them.

Find Businesses for Sale in Florida

Do you dream of being your own boss? Buying a business in the booming Florida economy can make that dream a reality. You know that buying an existing business is much less risky than starting from scratch, but finding the right one can be overwhelming. There are a few databases and companies that list Florida Businesses for sale, but you need more than a list. It’s imperative to have a liaison working for you who focuses on matching you with the perfect business for your requirements.

Emerald Coast Business Brokers are experts in buying and selling business in Northwest Florida–including hot spots like Pensacola Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Seaside, Perdido Key, Navarre, Panama City Beach and Destin.

Check out the businesses currently listed for sale in our database.

We’re constantly speaking to business owners and learning of new business for sale in Florida, so if a business currently listed in our database doesn’t pique your interests, complete the contact form and we’ll contact you the moment we have a potential business that meets your goals.

What types of businesses are for sale in Florida?

No matter what industry you’re interested in, you’ll find it on the Emerald Coast. The area is booming with various types of businesses including:

  • nightclubs
  • restaurants
  • retail locations
  • health and fitness businesses
  • auto repair
  • liquor stores
  • hotels and motels
  • dry cleaners
  • gas stations
  • convenience stores
  • car washes
  • salons
  • pet care

And if you’re not sure exactly what type of business you’re looking for, we can work to help you pinpoint business that accomplish your goals by identifying your skills and interests. And, we’ll help you avoid bad risks by pre-screening every business you consider.

Let the Emerald Coast Team Help Find Florida Businesses for Sale

Whether you’re a first time business buyer or someone with more experience, our expertise will make the process of buying a business easy. We will assist you selecting a businesses, walk with you through the purchase process including securing financing, negotiations, and required paperwork.

Let us match you with the ideal business to help achieve your goals. The Emerald Coast team is made up of trained professionals who are focused on making the process smooth. Complete the contact form to speak with a knowledgeable expert.


Buying or Selling a Business

Are you trying to buy or sell a business? Find out about business brokers, the experts who will help you throughout the entire process.

Trying to Buy or Sell a Business?

It’s a big decision to buy or sell a business. Not only is it an investment of your money, but also of your time and energy. Buying or selling a business is a complex process involving lots of paperwork, decisions, and assessments. You won’t want to go through this process alone. But not to worry! A professional business broker can help you through the process of transferring ownership—whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

Let’s look at what’s involved in buying or selling a business, and what a business broker will do during the process.

The Process of Buying or Selling a Business

The progression through the steps of buying or selling a business differ slightly depending on which side of the process you’re on. But here is roughly how it works:

  • A business is valuated and put on the market for sale.
  • The seller will gather paperwork (financial records, tax returns, financial statements, etc.) to show to potential buyers.
  • The business is marketed to potential buyers.
  • A buyer puts in an offer on the business.
  • Negotiations occur until terms are agreed upon.
  • A period of due diligence occurs when the buyer examines the business closely.
  • Interested parties (such as attorneys, lenders, insurance companies, etc.) will need paperwork and will want a part in the final agreement.
  • The buyer will make a plan for the transition of ownership where the seller will assist with training to ensure a smooth acquisition.

In order to make sure you are making a good investment, this process can take a matter of months to complete. That is where an experienced business broker comes in.

The Importance of a Business Broker When Buying or Selling A Business

Sure, if you’re willing and able to devote a lot of time and energy to buying or selling a business, you may be able to complete the transaction on your own. However, in most cases, the expertise of a business broker is invaluable for a number of reasons.

For starters, if you’re selling a business, a broker will help you with your valuation and will assist you with all paperwork. A business broker will then list your business in an online database and work diligently to find the perfect buyer.

If you’re interested in buying a business, a broker will offer you a database of prescreened businesses, ensuring that businesses for sale are good low risk investments. They will work to match your interests, budget, and skills to businesses for sale.

Throughout the entire process, the business broker will assist you. They’ll handle all negotiations, work with interested parties to make sure everyone is pleased with the outcome, and help you set up a succession plan.

Hire a business broker and relax knowing you have experienced advisors on your side.

Do you want to work with a broker?

If you’re ready to talk with a business broker about buying or selling a business, you can contact one of our experienced advisors to set up a confidential consultation. The team at Emerald Coast Business Brokers work to provide well-planned and well-executed business sales for both the buyer and seller. We will customize a business search for buyers, and work to find the ideal buyer. Together, we work towards making your business acquisition a success.


Destin Businesses

Destin businesses are very successful with customers that are both local and tourists. Learn about the businesses in the area, get resources, and find out how to own your own business in Destin.

Business Opportunities in Destin

Beautiful Destin may be known for its beaches, but it’s also a great place for businesses. Along with it’s over 12,000 year-round residents, over 80% of the Emerald Coast’s 4.5 million annual visitors visit Destin. Some reports show that the local population balloons to over 40,000 during peak season. Local events such as the Destin Fishing Rodeo and the Destin Seafood Festival bring in plenty of money into the area. Let’s explore the types of businesses that are successful in Destin, along with some resources for business owners. Lastly, let’s examine how you can buy your own business in Destin.

Successful Destin Businesses

As you could imagine, tourist related businesses do very well in Destin. Hotels, motels, condos, restaurants, spas, bed and breakfasts, and retailers are the first businesses that come to mind when you picture Destin businesses. However Destin residents need businesses like attorneys, car dealerships, computer services, and medical businesses on a day to day basis, so these types of industries do well too. The Harbor Boardwalk and Destin’s Main Street Market are popular business spots.

Resources for Destin Businesses

The Destin Chamber of Commerce is the ultimate resource for business owners in the area. It helps visitors find lodging, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and other local places to visit, along with helping the more residential businesses flourish. The chamber helps locals find employment opportunities, and it also helps educate residents to make the local economy stronger through economic development.

How to Own A Business in the Destin Area

Many Destin businesses are for sale for a variety of reasons. Business owners may retire, want to relocate, or want to start a new business venture, and you can benefit by purchasing an existing successful business. The advisors at Emerald Coast Business Brokers will help you find Destin businesses for sale that are prescreened and ready to purchase.

After you contact us, we will work to match you with the perfect business to meet your goals, your interests, and your skills. Let us confidentially work with you and businesses for sale in Destin to put you on the path to owning a business in this great area!

Florida Business Listings

Looking for listings of businesses for sale in Florida? Check out the prescreened businesses listed with Emerald Coast Business Brokers.

Listings of Businesses for Sale in Florida

Florida’s local economy is primed for growth. With real estate prices that are below the national average, and record growth in the tourism industry (up 10% in 2013), the business sector is growing at pre-recession levels. If you want to join in and become a business owner in Florida, your first step is locating Florida business listings.

Instead of searching through huge databases of businesses, research listings from the experts at Emerald Coast Business Brokers. The Emerald Coast Team works directly with sellers to prescreen businesses and create an extensive database of both small and large Florida business listings.

Types of Business Listings

Florida provides a unique opportunity for business ownership because of the addition of tourism-centered businesses. In the Emerald Coast Business Brokers Florida business listings, you’ll find everything from car washes, salons, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and more.

And if you are looking for something specific that you are unable to find in our online database, just contact our team. We are always working with businesses, and we will notify you when we have a business matching your criteria.

How to Add a Business to Our List

If you are interested in selling your business, contact us to set up a consultation. We will help you prepare your business to sell, including gathering financial records and putting a valuation on your business. We work with you throughout the entire listing and sale process.

Once your business is listed, we will market your Florida business listing to potential buyers. We will prequalify interested parties through interviews and other screenings to help ensure you only deal with serious, qualified buyers. The Emerald Coast team works to match buyers with businesses that meet their skill set, interests, and budget.

Confidential Business Listings

We understand that confidentiality is vital throughout the business buying and selling process, so we provide a professional confidentiality agreement to protect both the buyer and the seller. The professionals at Emerald Coast Business Brokers maintain your confidentiality throughout the process so that your day-to-day operations are not impacted at all. Protect your business by working with Emerald Coast Team.

Contact Us to Navigate Florida Business Listings

If you are ready to add your business to the listing, or if you want to search the listing for businesses to buy, contact one of our experienced advisors. We will set up a consultation to start you on your way through this process. Let us help you from start to finish—from searching the Florida business listings to closing the deal.